Bereavement Support

Death is something that we do not like to think about, so when we are faced with it, we often find ourselves under-prepared.


Please do contact either Miss Wellbelove or your child's class teacher if you have suffered a bereavement so that we can, if needed, help support your child during this difficult time.



Bereavement is a normal, natural part of life which we believe should be discussed openly.  We will want to respond by caring for the wellbeing of children at a time when they may be in shock, upset and confused and we want to ensure effective communication takes place and that support is provided as needed.


There are numerous charities and agencies who are able to provide support and we would recommend that you take a look one or more of the following websites: - All aspects of bereavement - For child and adolescent bereavement support - For help for grieving children and their families


Winston’s Wish also have advice specifically related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic:


If you have suffered a bereavement, we send you our deepest condolences and offer our hand of support during this difficult time.


If you would like any further advice or support, please contact Mrs Jacqui Donley, Inclusion Manager:

Every 22 minutes, a parent of a child dies that’s around 23,600 bereaved children each year.  Almost one in every class.  Many more are bereaved of a grandparent, sibling, friend, teacher or other significant person in their life’. (Child Bereavement UK, 2017 statistics)

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