School Lockdown 2 SEND Offer

Dear Parents and Carers of children who have additional needs,


School Lock Down 2 SEND offer – January 2021


This letter is to ensure that you have knowledge of and access to the support being offered by South Hill School teachers to the children who have SEND and additional needs during this second nationwide lockdown.


It is important that your children continue to engage with their education and that you are able to support them to the best of your ability.   It is our intention that they should be able to access reading, writing, maths and topic daily and hopefully enjoy it.  We do however acknowledge that it may not always be possible for your children to access the same level of work as others in their class and it is absolutely fine if you feel that you need to reduce, adapt or change anything that is presented for them to do.  We have also put in place a number of measures to assist you and them in achieving some reading, writing and maths daily.


SEN provision during School Lock Down 2:


  • Work will be provided on a daily basis, it is found on the school website and presented in a powerpoint format – children should engage with this power point to their best ability.

  • Most work will be introduced by teachers via a video link and teachers will explain how to simplify the work or extend it as necessary.

  • If needed, children may work with the plans from different year group.

  • Fortnightly the teachers will ring you and the children to carry out a welfare and learning check.  If you need further support or advice, then please do ask.  If your teacher is unable to help, then they will refer to myself for further SEND advice - you can contact your teacher at any time via Class Dojo and they will respond on the days they work between the hours of 9am and 3pm.

  • You should all have a copy of your child’s passport for learning.  (If not please ask your class teacher to send it to you.)  This identifies ways that their learning can be supported.  If your child has targets set, then feel able to prioritise this learning and ask for further support as needed from your class teacher.

  • Oak Academy has a page dedicated to supporting children with additional needs in the ‘specialist link’:



Supporting your child to learn at home is not an easy task, especially if they have additional needs, but we hope the ongoing support that we have in place will be helpful to you.And we only ask that you do the best you can.


Please keep an eye on the website for updates and further information that comes into the school from other associated agencies.


If you would like any additional information, please email me and I will get back to you within a couple of working days.


Best wishes, Jacqui Donley, Inclusion Manager / SENCO


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