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School Travel Plan

The implementation of our School Travel Plan at South Hill Primary School aims to encourage a healthy lifestyle and positive well-being for all. This works hand in hand with our school curriculum and eco-friendly initiatives with the aim of providing a healthy and environmentally aware generation for the 21st century. Some of the aims of the School Travel Plan include:


  • Improved safety of pupils due to less traffic.

  • Less congestion around the school and in the local community.

  • Healthier, happier, more alert pupils, thanks to active travel such as, cycling and walking.

  • Avoiding parking issues around the school ground

  • Less pollution around the school and local area.

  • Improved road awareness of pupils.

  • Greater staff health and well-being.

  • Improved journey reliability for staff, pupils and parents.


As a school, we actively promote walking, using a scooter, park and ride or cycling as a way of getting to school each day. Additionally, during our Walk to School Week we again encourage and record how children get to school each day that week. This is a great opportunity to help children reach their minimum 60 minutes of exercise per day.

Within the school grounds, we also have a scooter station to keep bikes and scooter dry from the weather! 


At South Hill, we ask no cars enter the school car park during drop off and collection. Furthermore, we have a free flow from 8.40 for all Key Stages.

Tom, our lovely lollypop man visited the school for a road safety assembly.

Tom sends the following message to keep your children safe.

1) A reminder to stay on the footpath until Tom call you to cross, do not cross before.

2) Any children who bring bikes and scooters must get off and push them across the road.

3) Parents, for the safety of all PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON YELLOW LINES or close to the crossing patrol area.

We thank Tom very much for helping to keep our pupils safe

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