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Picture News

At South Hill School, we utilise the Picture News of our PSHE lessons in Spring 1 and 2.

In our first assembly of the week on a Monday morning, the pupils are introduced to the topic they will be following in 'Picture News' for their PSHE lessons.


This week, we discovered that in 2025, pupils will be allowed to study British sign language as a GCSE.


We thought about this key question; 'Should we learn sign language at school?'

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So how can Picture News support our pupil’s understanding of PSHE?


Picture News is a fantastic resource to help our school teach pupils about current affairs and what’s happening in the world by using real life learning.  This facilitates them to develop respect for others whilst incorporating the technique of reflection.  Furthermore, it allows pupils to learn about themselves and what interests them. This can then sparks their own imaginations, passions and what they want to change or act upon by voicing opinions and feelings about the topic. There are a number of related resources to facilitate this process such as; useful vocabulary, British Values, Protective Characteristics and on some occasions (if topic specific) the UN Convention of the Rights of the Pupils (UNCRC, 1989).

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