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South Hill Art Exhibition

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At South Hill, we believe that every child should have the opportunity to explore and create art. We also believe that children should see their art displayed. This is the thinking behind our annual art week and Art Exhibition.

Each year we have a theme, such as ‘Patterns in Nature’ or ‘Under the Sea’, and all year groups spend a week exploring the theme, looking at a particular style of art based on a specific artist. During the week, they learn about the artist, and practise different art forms such as painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography or collage, experimenting with different mediums and techniques.  The end of the week sees them producing a final piece of art.

The art is then mounted and displayed in our Art Gallery. Parents and children are invited in to view the work, which is available to be bought by the parents. Art works are numbered rather than named and information regarding the artist and the methods used to create the pieces are displayed alongside the works.  The artwork is passed to them in the days following the gallery. This allows children the opportunity to visit an art gallery, see how a gallery works and to have the pleasure of seeing their work being viewed by others.

It is always a very popular event both with our pupils and with their parents. It is well attended and provides much-needed funds for our art supplies. More importantly, it gives children the chance to see themselves as valued artists and promotes the subject through the school.

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