Humanities and Outside Learning


Here at South Hill Primary School, we love to take a journey into the past or explore the world around us.  Here are a few of the exciting things that we have been up to:

Year 4 Chocolate Day - Fair Trade

Year 2 on a history walk at the Box Moor Trust

Year 2 Enquiry and Investigation - what do you think these bottles may have been used for?

Year 3 using Google glasses to visit Antarctica

Year 1 on a local area walk

Year 4 learning about Romans

Outdoor Learning

We have amazing grounds at South Hill Primary School and we want to use these to their full potential and not just for playtime and PE lessons.

Children from all years use the grounds to aid learning across the curriculum.  Here are some photographs showing our outdoor learning:

Year 4 exploring habitats

Learning about shadows in Reception

Year 2 enacting how to be a good neighbour learning about the Good Samaritan in RE

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