Foundation Stage

Children in Reception continue to follow the Foundation Stage of Education. The curriculum for the foundation stage underpins all future learning by supporting, fostering, promoting and developing children’s personal, social and emotional wellbeing; social skills, language and communication; reading and writing; mathematics; knowledge and understanding of the world; physical and creative development. The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum became statutory in September 2008.


Statutory School Age

All pupils of statutory school age, Year 1 to Year 6, are required to follow the National Curriculum. This means that they study a nationally agreed programme of study for English, Mathematics, Science and Computing  (referred to as the CORE curriculum) together with Art, Music, Physical Education (including dance, games and gymnastics), History, Geography and Design and Technology and French (referred to as the FOUNDATION curriculum).  Computing is studied as an integral part of all other curriculum subjects. Religious Education is taught according to the Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus.



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The National Curriculum sets out a ‘programme of study’ for each subject and the school then develops schemes of work and individual lesson plans to cover all aspects of learning. 

If you would like more specific curriculum information, please read the relevant class pages.