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At South Hill, we want to inspire all the children to experiment with art, to see it as an expression of self/mood and to take ownership of their work. We do this by introducing them to a wide variety of artists and practising skills learnt - from them using a range of medium from charcoal to acrylic, pencils to textiles, printing to watercolour. Their use of sketch books enables pupils to explore and comment on art and practise skills and techniques. It allows ownership and inspires pupils to create art.

We encourage children from Reception up to year 6 to take part in art competitions, run and judged both in house and by external companies. For example, we have entered the Dacorum Young Artist competition and the CPRE Art Competition. As a school we celebrate all who enter, by displaying their entries in assembly and awarding certificates and house points.

We run an annual art week, where as a school we work with one topic or theme. We explore different skills and styles and produce a final piece of art. This art work is then displayed in a whole school art gallery to which parents are invited to view with their children. Parents can purchase their children’s work, treating the event as a true art gallery.



  • to inspire the next generation of artists

  • to show progression of skills over the years

  • to have a wide coverage of skills and media in each year group

  • to promote art through in house and external competitions

  • for children to be introduced a range of artists

  • for the children to see art as an expressions of self, of mood and for them to take ownership of their work

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