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International Day

Each year at South Hill School, we celebrate 'International Day'. Each class chooses a country from around the world which is also representative of our South Hill communities. For that day, year groups represent and learn more about their chosen country and can wear traditional clothing from their celebrated country or colours of the flag. 


Pupils learn about the geography of their chosen country and where to locate the country on a map, what continent the country is part of and what countries are nearby, we might learn about famous buildings and landmarks. 


For PE, we are lucky to have Don Rae Academy join us to teach traditional dances from each country. 


For MFL (Modern Foreign Language), some year groups learn a few key phrases and words. Some children even learn a song! 


Some year groups have a food tasting activity so children can get a sense of the traditional food and culture from their country of the day while other year groups make the traditional food themselves. 


Throughout the day, some year groups listen to music of their country and think about whether it is similar or different to the music we might listen to at home. 


Some year groups look at the religion and the history of their chosen country, focusing on some significant people from that country and how the country has possibly changed over time. 


Countries from 2023 were: 

Reception- Bangladesh 

Year 1- Poland 

Year 2- India 

Year 3- Romania 

Year 4- Italy 

Year 5- Turkey 

Year 6- Brazil 

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