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At South Hill, we understand the importance of technology in a rapidly changing society. As it has always been, the children of today will develop and use the technologies of tomorrow. Therefore, we need to foster their basic knowledge and understanding of the technologies that they use today. 


The intent of our computing curriculum is to deliver lessons, which are accessible to everyone by allowing all leaners to achieve their very best in this subject. Pupils will be taught how to use technology safely and responsibly and develop a repertoire of software programs and applications to prepare them for the future. 


Each class is allocated a weekly time slot to use the ‘Computing Hub’ which houses 30 computers and laptops. In addition to this, classes have access to a set of Chromebooks, 30 iPads and a further set of 15 laptops, which can be used to support the teaching and learning of other subjects.  


Each class is provided with digital projectors, interactive whiteboards and visualisers to support and teaching across the curriculum. 

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Examples of knowledge organisers

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