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Young Voices

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Young Voices offers children the amazing opportunity of singing with the worlds’ largest children’s choir. The whole experience is a journey of learning and discovery, culminating in the most extraordinary performance opportunity there could possibly be.

South Hill Choir attended Young Voices at the O2 in 2019, 2022 and on January 16th 2023.

This year the music included soul and disco anthems from the 1970’s, Disney songs and  reggae music- a huge variety of genres. These offer the children opportunities to learn about other times and cultures, as well as musical styles.


The choir members worked extremely hard to learn all the lyrics and attended many extra rehearsals. All the hard worked paid off with such an exceptional day on Mondy 16th January.

The day was long and exhausting but the children were utterly amazing. Their enthusiasm and energy bubbled over all day. Most of the songs had actions and dance moves so we were kept moving in the rehearsal as well as being introduced to the various artists who would be performing with us in the evening. As the lights went down for the concert to begin at 7pm the atmosphere was electric. Parents had arrived in the O2 and we could wave to them from a distance!

The Urban Striders, Anna Phoebe and Beatbox Collective were sensational and then Heather Small sang Proud and we all joined in!

Such an incredible evening to inspire and remember!

Here are some of the choir members’ comments:

‘It was just the best time’

‘I loved the Urban Strides Dancers- they all waved to us!’

My favourite song was ‘Rockstar’

‘I loved the violinist performing with the Beatboxers’

‘I loved the lights- I felt like a star!’

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