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Modern Foreign Language - French 


At South Hill, French is taught as a Modern Foreign Language (MFL) in Key stage two. Pupils in Early Years and Key Stage One learn and develop skills, which will support and benefit their future language learning. These include developing their communication and language skills, phonic knowledge, reading skills and learning about different cultures and societies around the world.  

Key stage 2 

In KS2 French is taught using Language Angels. The units taught have been selected in order to build a wide range of vocabulary and enable progression in speaking, listening, reading and writing.   

In Autumn, each year group starts with phonetics and pronunciation lessons which teach some of the key sounds in French. They also spend time learning and using some ‘essential vocabulary’ including greetings, numbers and days of the week etc. Pupils then continue developing their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills through a variety of topics including fruit, family and the weather. To ensure learning is enjoyable and memorable, lessons often use stories, songs, role play and a variety of other activities to support pupils to learn, remember and apply French vocabulary. 

Celebrating languages  

Within our school, we have pupils that speak many different languages. We aim to celebrate this through whole school events such as ‘International Day’ and ‘International Languages Day’ where each year group selects a country to learn about and to take part in a dance as well as many other activities. We also celebrate languages that are in school by dressing in colours of a chosen nationality and sharing languages, customs and traditions with our friends.  

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