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Sports Day at South Hill School

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At South Hill School, our sports day is a fun day for all our pupils.  

The day begins with EYFS and KS1 meeting on the school field for a carousel of activities.  

Mr Brathwaite DJs the event and really energises the children as they compete in their houses to get as many points as they can on each activity.  

Some of these activities are hurdles, javelin, obstacles and dribbling.  Our Year six children always help and some activities are run by our year six sports ambassadors!  When the carousel is finished, the children then take part in races - again aiming to win points for their houses.


Our KS2 children then do the same in the afternoon, with some slightly different activities on the carousel and then ending with their races.  


Parents are invited to watch and support their children on sports day.  They watch from the hillside overlooking the field or from the shade of the daily mile track.


It truly is a memorable day!

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