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  • South Hill School has a duty and responsibility to ensure that our pupils have a high level of attendance.  

  • At South Hill School, we fulfil this role by regularly monitoring the attendance of all our pupils.

  • At South Hill School, we would like our pupils to aim for 97% attendance and strive for 100% attendance.

Parental Responsibility

  • It is the parent's responsibility to ensure that their child attends school daily.

  • It is the parent's responsibility to ensure that their child arrives on time every day.

  • It is the parent's responsibility to ensure that their child is picked up on time every day.

Our school day starts at 8.40am.  Doors close at 8.50am and registers are taken

Minutes late are recorded and monitored

Our school day ends at 3.15pm for EYFS and KS1

Our school day ends at 3.20pm for KS2

This amounts to 32 hours and 55 minutes in Reception / Key Stage 1 and 33 hours and 20 minutes in Key Stage 2

  • Attendance and punctuality are monitored by the Headteacher.

  • The school has a designated county Attendance Officer who works with the school to monitor attendance.


  • It is unacceptable to book a holiday in term time. 

  • If you remove your child from school for a holiday, it will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.

  • Our policy allows for time off for truly exceptional circumstances, but these are relatively rare.

  • A form is available below and from the school office and must be completed before arranging any time off.


  • We understand that if your child is poorly, they should not attend school.  But if a child has a sniffle or is a bit tired, then we are able to look after them whilst involving them in learning activities.  Please bear this in mind when you decide whether to bring them in.  We will always call you if they are not coping.

  • NHS guidance


  • We monitor attendance regularly and write to any families we feel are unaware of the importance of full attendance or where we are concerned about the health and wellbeing of children who are frequently absent.  Offering support or advice where appropriate, it is our aim to help parents to work towards better attendance.

  • Often parents are not aware of how repeated absences can impact their child's education and social development.

If you have any questions, please ask.

At South Hill School, it is an expectation that our pupils aim for 97% attendance.

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For further advise and guidance about school attendance and absences, please use the links below:

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