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Personal, Social and Health  Education


PSHE Vision. 


To support our pupils to be responsible, respectful, resilient and reflective learners, who are able to keep themselves safe, healthy and prepared for secondary school and life beyond. 

At South Hill Primary School, we pride ourselves on caring for our pupils' wellbeing and helping them to become positive, well-rounded and active citizens of the future. We believe in the importance of equality and everybody having the same opportunities. This is modelled by our staff and taught through lessons and other experiences both discretely and explicitly; we are working hard to create a school culture in which children, staff and the whole school community work together to foster an environment of inclusivity through effective spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) and character education. Our PSHE curriculum forms an important part of our provision in order to achieve these goals.

Our PSHE curriculum promotes and reinforces:          


  • British Values

  • Protected characteristics

  • Our school values –

‘The South Hill Way’

  • Mental health and wellbeing

  • Online safety

  • Personal Development

Our PSHE Curriculum is split into three main areas:


Autumn Term

No Outsider 

This scheme promotes:

  • British Values

  • Protected characteristics

  • Personal development

Spring term (and used in assemblies all year round)

Picture News

This scheme promotes:

  • British Values

  • Protected characteristics

  • Personal development

     Summer Term

The Christopher Winter Project

This scheme promotes:

  • Relationship education

  • Health education

  • Drugs education

  • Sex education

  • Online safety


‘No Outsiders’

We follow the ‘No Outsiders’ project which is a book based PSHE scheme created by Andrew Moffat MBE, who was nominated for the Global Teacher Prize in 2018-19. Each week, the children read a book with their class teacher, which promotes British values and the following three core values:

  • Respect for diversity through education in schools;

  • Commitment to community cohesion through

  • understanding and acceptance of difference;

  • Promotion of dialogue to counter fear and hate in society.

We believe that it is vital that our pupils can discuss inappropriate and discriminative language and understand how to address boundaries in order to prepare them for a future in modern Britain.

We strive to ensure that our pupils are surrounded by a consistent message:

·          There are no outsiders here;

·          Everyone is different;

·          We like being different;

·          We are all equal in our difference;

·          I can get along with you even if we are different;

·          We live in the U.K., our British values support

this and the law says this too.

Picture News

Picture news is a current affairs news scheme, which gives children opportunities to develop learning further through news stories that inspire them. The weekly theme (which is delivered in every Monday assembly) exposes pupils to a range of topics including political, religious, cultural, environmental, social, moral and spiritual issues. Pupils then have the opportunity to discuss these ‘big issues’ with their class teacher. In the Spring term, we use these as a basis for our PSHE lessons so that they can be explored more in depth class.


Through this scheme, children have opportunities to:

  • Discover talents and interests through a broad coverage

  • Develop speaking and listening skills

  • Develop the confidence to speak out

  • Develop resilience

  • Understand British Values and Protected Characteristics

  • Develop links between personal, school and

community values.

  • Demonstrate respect and tolerance

PSHE Zones monsters.jpeg

Examples of Knowledge Organisers

The Christopher Winter Project

We follow the 'Christopher Winter Project' for our Relationships, Drug and Sex Education' provision and we have produced a range of 'Knowledge Organisers' to ensure parents know what their children will be taught in 'RSE' in each year group. RSE, at South Hill, includes the following elements (which are outlined in our Topic progression and Overview documents):

  • Relationship Education (RSE) - this primarily focuses on teaching the fundamental building

blocks of positive relationships to ensure pupils know what a healthy relationship looks like;

where they are valued and where equality exists and to also ensure all families and individuals

are 'represented' and 'seen'.

  • Health Education - this focuses on understanding how to keep our bodies healthy and what

it means to have a healthy lifestyle to ensure children can be healthy adults and make good choices

now and in the future.

  • Drugs Education - this teaches children the facts about legal and illegal harmful substances

and the associated risks, including smoking, alcohol use and drug-taking.

  • Sex Education - this is taught to our oldest children in Year 6 and will teach conception and

the physical act of sex.

Other Subjects 

Other elements of our PSHE programme are taught through subjects such as: Science (human body and reproduction); Computing (internet safety) and PE (importance of keeping healthy) as well as teaching using opportunities throughout the school day to reinforce key concepts.

Pupil Voice

Victoria Year 6 – In PSHE we have been reading the book “The only way is Badger”, where we learnt about how we are all different and unique. I enjoy dance outside of school so it has shown me that I am different and unique to my friends.


Darcy Year 5 – We have been looking at a book called the “The Girls” it is about friendships and we learnt what keeps a friendship going and that some friendships can grow apart over time.


Maggie Year 3 – I have enjoyed reading the book “Were all wonders” it was about using your voice and standing up for yourself rather than being a bystander”.


Juno Year 1 – In PSHE, we read a good story about a man who lived in a flat it was called “Errol’s Garden”. He asked for help with making a garden for his friends.


Maua Reception – I have learnt about being kind and respectful to my friends. Respectful means listening to my teacher.

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