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Personal, Social and Health  Education


At South Hill Primary School, we pride ourselves on caring for our pupils' wellbeing and helping them to become positive, well-rounded and active citizens of the future. We have a bespoke PSHE programme which is designed and tailored to the needs of our pupils/school community. This focuses on: 

  • Teaching children how to be successful citizens

  • Promoting wellbeing

  • Promoting 'British Values'

  • Reinforcing all elements of our school ethos 'The South Hill Way'.

We follow the 'Christopher Winter Project' for our Relationships, Drug and Sex Education' provision (which is included in our wider PSHE provision) and we have produced a range of 'Knowledge Organisers' to ensure parents know what their children will be taught in 'RSE' in each year group. RSE, at South Hill, includes the following elements:

  • Relationship Education (RSE) - this primarily focuses on teaching the fundamental building blocks of positive relationships to ensure pupils know what a healthy relationship looks like; where they are valued and where equality exists and to also ensure all families and individuals are 'represented' and 'seen'.

  • Health Education - this focuses on understanding how to keep our bodies healthy and what it means to have a healthy lifestyle to ensure children can be healthy adults and make good choices later on in life.

  • Drugs Education - this teaches children the facts about legal and illegal harmful substances and the associated risks, including smoking, alcohol use and drug-taking.

  • Sex Education - this is taught to our oldest children in Year 6 and will teach conception and the physical act of sex.

  • Other Subjects - other elements of our PSHE programme will be taught through subjects such as: Science (human body and reproduction); Computing (internet safety) and PE (importance of keeping healthy) as well as teaching using opportunities throughout the school reinforce key concepts.​​

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Examples of Knowledge Organisers

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