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Bookable Clubs


We strive to offer a wide variety of extra curricular clubs at South Hill.  The clubs below are run by outside companies and are offered at a small charge.  Please ask at the school office for further details.

Football Club

Tuesday lunchtime - Years 1 &2


Russell Hoops Basketball

for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6

Wednesday- after school 3.15-4.15pm 

Hannah's Street Dance

Wednesday lunchtime

KS1 & KS2

Mad Science Club

Monday (Y1-6) lunchtime

Six week block

Book through

BACK IN September 2023

Mini Medics


For Years 3, 4, 5 and 6

24th April 3.20pm-4.20pm

15th May 3.20pm-4.20pm

22nd May 3.20pm-4.20pm

5th June 3.20pm-4.20pm

19th June 3.20pm-4.20pm

26th June 3.20pm-4.20pm

Friday lunchtime
Christian run club
All welcome
(Free club - no charge)

Book in advance. Please inform school office if you do not wish for your child to attend.


BACK IN January 2024

half term holiday.jpg
Y2 and above

Every day during term time

8.00am - 8.40am with Mr B.

Book through the school office.

Regular or adhoc bookings

£3.50 per session

No Breakfast provided

Claire's Club logo.jpg
Claire's Club
(before and after school childcare)

Every day during term time.

Look out for holiday clubs too!

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